India’s Education Excellence Awards are an ultimate seal of educational excellence, innovation & the commitment, towards continuous strengthening of the nation’s educational infrastructure.

Students today are the industry leaders of tomorrow and India’s Education Excellence Awards platform motivates these students to be a part of your prestigious institution so they can be in suitable hands as yours & can be better guided towards their future endeavours.

The award defines the success story of your institution and all those people who have made a genuine contribution towards creating better career opportunities for their students so that they can use their skills towards empowering the nation.

Following are the benefits your institution will receive:

  • The winners shall be able to use the logo of India’s Education Excellence Award 2021, for the tenure of next 1 year after receiving the award in all their publicity & marketing material (including brochure, catalogues, hoardings, newspapers & TV Ads).

  • The institutions can position the logo, pictures & the title of the award with their name in the best possible way in their marketing & promotional collaterals to reach out to the society with a more optimistic & confident manner.

  • The winners will be able to see a significant growth in their ranking & reputation after having an association with the India’s Education Excellence Awards as during our study & survey program we discovered that the students will prefer to opt for a college with our title in comparison to the other colleges in the same segment due to the trust & the excellence element associated with the award title.

  • Publicity through press release distribution, publicity on social media platforms and other PR activities to ensure maximum coverage & mileage.

  • A digital certificate of INDIA’S EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD will be awarded to the winners.

  • Media kit including a press release copy, various formats of the logo and banner design to display your achievement in the premises & for marketing / promotional purpose.

  • Institution profile / an article (up to 1000 words) along with your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal picture to be published on an International News Portal.

  • 2 Min AV of your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal talking about the institution, its achievements, industry, mission, vision etc. to be published on an International News Portal.

  • Award recipient logo to be displayed on our awards website with other winners.

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